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RAINBOW LIGHT TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD in Taiwan have been specialized in the spectrometer for many years especially the newly innovation of spectrometer that produced by using MEMS technology at the core not only provide user to do LENS, LED, LCD, OLED standardized testing but also satisfy the market desire on the quality control for better & comfortable life style as well.  

Our multi-functional products include:

§  Micro-spectrometer Module.

§  Ultra-violet/visible/infrared micro-spectrometer ; Ultra-violet micro-spectrometer

§  LED Portable Measuring Equipment

§  LED Luminous Decay Monitoring Device

§  Gonio photometer

§  LED Testing & Measuring Equipment

§  Full Spectrum Transmittance Measuring Equipment; Touch Panel Transmittance Tester

§  Portable Spectrometer with Display

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