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X-Ray Inspection System

World Class X-Ray Inspection System From X-Avis( X-ray Automatic Vision System ) - Korea

X-Ray Inspection is the most important products that are exported to the worldwide. Since Its establishment in 2002, X-avis have pursued Their goals to make Their X-Ray Inspection become the leader of X-Ray Inspection market in the world. In order to produce great quality of X-Ray Inspection, X-Avis dedicate Themselves to producing great X-Ray Inspection that is able to be evaluated as excellent X-Ray Inspection in the world, and There X-Ray Inspection is distinctly evaluated as splendid X-Ray Inspection. X-avis will not be satisfied with There situation of good producer of X-Ray Inspection. X-avis will keep on putting There efforts on producing excellent X-Ray Inspection.

If you have interesting of X-Ray Inspection, check X-avis website for more information www.xavis.co.kr


For PCB , Semiconductor And BGA                        For Automobile , Die Casting , Metal And Piston


For Packaging And Pharmaceutical                           For Foreign Matter In Food Stuff